Aramark Fun Facts

Aramark Fun Facts

Did You Know: Aramark Facts

Aramark delivers experiences that enrich and nourish people’s lives through innovative services in food, facilities management, and uniforms. We provide award‐winning services to healthcare institutions, universities and school districts, stadiums and arenas, and businesses in 22 countries around the world.

Across North America, Aramark…

  • Provides services to over 1,400 colleges, universities, private schools, school systems and districts
  • Serves over 500 million meals annually to 5 million students at colleges, universities, and K‐12 schools
  • Services 2,000 healthcare facilities, collectively representing 75 million patient days annually
  • Is North America’s largest employer of dieticians, with over 500 registered dieticians on staff
  • Maintains of over 1 million pieces of clinical/medical equipment
  • Caters to 100 million sports fans of more than 150 professional and college teams
  • Serves 40 teams in the NBA, the NFL, the NHL and MLB
  • Serves 7 million hot dogs at major league venues annually
  • Hosted 22 million visitors last year at the 16 national and state parks it serves
  • Runs the largest houseboating operation in the U.S. with 172 houseboats and 5 marinas across Lake Powell
  • Serves Togwotee, the top snowmobiling destination in North America
  • Serves 1 billion cups of coffee annually

Around the world, Aramark…

  • Has served 16 Olympic Games since 1968
  • Serves 22,000 meals each day on rigs in the North Sea
  • Serves 8 million fans annually of the First Soccer League in Germany
  • Manages 16 underground cafeterias in the largest underground copper mine in the world
  • Provides services for the largest mining project in Peru
  • Provided food to “Los 33,” Chilean miners trapped underground in 2010

Aramark Uniform Services…

  • Puts over 2 million people in uniforms each day
  • Customizes/embroiders 100,000 uniforms daily
  • Washes 5 million pounds of laundry every day
  • Processes 345 million garments annually